My Story

Sourabh D R is an entrepreneur, full-time marketer, traveler, who uses his passion for Marketing and Automation to help businesses accelerate their growth.So, Welcome People. I am so happy you are here today  I can’t believe I am able to influence and train people like YOU. I want to share with you how I started what I started and why it is important for you to know this.

Let’s spin the wheel back to 2019, the time when I was a normal kid who wanted more out of my life. I neither had dreams nor had  0 knowledge about Marketing, Business, or Entrepreneurship. I had to, as they say, ‘figure out’ something which I can do for the rest of my life.

It was an era when Digital Marketing was on the rise in the country. I would hear this word every day in my life, and me being a curious soul, couldn’t control myself. So I was in my college at that time and there was an Online workshop organized by The Climber also known as My Capitan and they are incubated with IIMB and NSCRCEL on Digital Marketing. My mind said, “Today, You have to de-code what Digital Marketing is KID” and I attended the workshop.

After attending the workshop, I was completely convinced that this is the path I have to take. Help Businesses make more money by providing Digital Marketing Services and grow my career in this field! Below is a form of transformation my life took when I went for Digital Marketing training to one of the premier institutes in Mysuru, India.

I realized how a BIG FOOL I was, completely unaware of Digital Marketing and how it can completely change Businesses.

In 2019 I Worked in a company called SarconTech as a digital marketing intern in Bangalore. Started a company called FittFfox it was a Men’s Fitness company and it failed badly later started Second elements with my co-founders called second elements is a marketing media company.

After I got trained in Digital Marketing, I Co-Founded Second Elements, a Marketing Media Company after a few months.

 Second Elements – It is a marketing Media company with Hustle & Heart. And it is a one-stop creative solution for all your, advertising and Online and Offline Marketing needs After 1.3 Years we are serving 30+ Clients and have served Indian clients as well as International clients currently & later after 1.3 years working in second elements, I exited the company and later on I exited another company called  Wethinkbold Media it was a  Creative Marketing Company. & worked with almost 80+ clients both Indian & International clients. and later on, I Exited another company called Glee and Glint a Gifting Brand Where people can buy our products and create lifetime memories and worked there for almost 1.5 years My Carrier is full of a roller coaster but I gained a lot of experience an MBA Doesn’t Give and This is My Small Past Story 

Currently, I run a company called Glee and Glint Media  is now an established creative marketing agency offering services in online marketing, brand designing marketing research & strategy app building, & specializing in paid marketing and I also Run another company called Zikhin Jewels is a Premium 925 Jewellery Brand and last I am running an NGO Called Hansadwani Foundation Where we help poor children pay their fees and we take care of them 

Will keep updating more. stay tuned