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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which is Better for Your Business?

Which is Better for Your Business – Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Every business venture needs a strong digital mark for large-scale businesses, small-scale businesses, and startups. Without making a virtual promotion, you cannot access the endless possibilities of flourishment on the internet. The digital audience makes up a huge part which directly plays a role in making your business brand successful. But with so many options to advertise your brand online, which one to pick? Well, the answer to this question is not so straightforward. You have to understand a few things and ask yourself certain questions to select the better one for your business. 

Understanding the business needs

Marketing and promotion techniques depend largely on the type of business you do. Every business contains certain attributes that make them different from the rest. Similarly, the brand you own is a unique one with its features and qualities. Without having a lucid idea of the necessities of your business promotions, both Facebook and Google ads are of no use. Research well and see what your peers focus on to grab the right attention with a suitable platform. 

Need for promotion

Digital promotion is a must through ads and campaigns. It is certainly the call of the hour as it brings along so many openings to explore. In fact, the rise of smartphones has made digital advertising diverse as the audience now has greater options. Platforms are amplifying, and newer opportunities are coming up each day. Among all these, Google ads and Facebook ads are currently the prime choices for most businesses. 

Get the facts clear

Before getting into the decision-making process, it is better to have a clarified approach by clearing your doubts. Understand both the advertising platforms and their features. A quick read will make all your doubts disappear. It gives you better clarity, and you can get to the decision by judging all the pros and cons. 

Google ads and the types

Anyone using the internet knows the impact of Google. It is the go-to search engine for every internet surfer. It holds a humungous portion of the online market share with almost seven billion searches each day. Google ads are a marketing platform on the search engine with the feature of paid advertising. The ads that pop up on the top of the search engine result page are a part of the promotional campaign. It allows the display of your ad across the Google Display Network, including millions of websites.

  • Text ads or Search ads: You see these on the top of the search result page. They generate huge web traffic and newer leads. Any business sales get positively impacted through it. 
  • Display ads: You see these ads with a brand logo or product display across the google network. Sometimes, these also contain videos. These are great for E-commerce businesses as you can directly display your promoted product. 
  • Google shopping ads: Another useful one for online shopping business sites as here you display a picture of the product with its price and name. It rightly grabs the attention of potential customers. 

Facebook ads and the types

Google is indeed the most-used search engine, but Facebook earns the position for the most-used social platform. Almost every internet user owns their Facebook account, which makes it among the most-visited website on the net. Unlike Google, where people search and see the products, Facebook has a distinct approach. Here the ads pop based on the interest of the user. When someone opens their account on Facebook, they state their details on interests, age, preferences, and much more. Facebook operates on this information to target the audience. The ads that run on this platform reach a large audience range with the help of the implemented tools.

  • Newsfeed ads: The ads that you randomly see while scrolling your Facebook feed are not so random! The sponsored ads get displayed to you based on your likes, preferences, and other information.
  • Media ads: Ads containing images, videos, slideshows fall under the media-sponsored ads. The versatile format helps in grabbing the attention right away with one-liner information to grow viewer interest. 
  • Messenger ads: Through messenger ads, you reach directly to the Facebook inbox of the user. The chances of getting a click are the most with these ads. 
  • Story ads: Stories are the recent ones, gaining popularity among the users. The ad plays for a small-time when the user taps it with the link inside the page. 

Choosing the right

Both the platforms give you high chances to grab the audience. In Google ads and Facebook ads, you have to pick your marketing goals before running the promotional campaign. Whether you want to get more traffic, generate leads, boost sales or boost a post is up to your choice. You get to select the format you like. Most people find the approach of Facebook more user-oriented as it primarily aims at the likes of the person seeing it. While the ads in google bases on the business that you are into and have the right blend of user preference and business prospect. 

  1. Identify your target audience and business opportunities to find the right advertising platform. Both the platforms help in generating leads with the help of the intent of the user. While Google uses the search intent, Facebook focuses on the overall preferences.
  1. Budget plays a prime role in choosing the campaign. Every ad has different charges, and you have to understand your capacity before selecting the pack. Realize your campaign goals and then compare the ad charges to select the right. 
  1. Think about the buyer’s journey and your brand position in making the ads work positively for you. Take a step back to analyze from an audience’s perspective to find the suited answer. 

Track it rightly for best results

Now that you know the working aspects of both Google ads and Facebook ads, the decision-making gets easier. You know the right selection criteria which ease your task. However, irrespective of the ad campaign you pick for your business, you have to track it right. Campaign running, rerunning, analysis, modification, and much more make an ad successful. Thus, choose carefully by understanding the needs of your business. 

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