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How to Start Your Own E-commerce Business in India?

Things to Know for Starting Your Own E-commerce Business in India

Ecommerce is the blooming industry where everyone is trying to build a fortune. Are you also one of them, aiming to expand your business through an e-platform? Multiple questions come to your mind with the process, right? If you know each step to follow, it is not a difficult task. All you require are definite answers to your doubts. Reading this will certainly help you acquire an overall understanding of how to step your foot in the blooming e-business game. 

A brief outline

Before you get into the elaborate steps, first cover a brief outline of the Ecommerce business. What exactly is this new term in the business? And more importantly, why is it gaining so much importance? Digital advancement in India started in late 2010. People got accustomed to shopping online and preferred the convenience. Electronic commerce or E-commerce deals with the transaction of every good and service online. It bases on the digital platform and connects to the audience virtually to sell the product. 

The future ahead

Is it worth trying your hands in Ecommerce? It is a valid question for anyone thinking of getting into the business! It is 2021, and with each passing day, you see a new Ecommerce platform pop out in the marketplace. Is it a good idea to venture now into the Indian marketplace? The answer is a no-brainer! The Ecommerce industry is here to stay for the convenience and ease of transaction. In fact, it will grow to leaps and bounds in the coming time and gain more customers to make a solid market hold. 

Understanding Ecommerce models

Ecommerce businesses have different models. First, you have to find out which one you want to go ahead with. The four types include:

  • B2C – Business to consumer
  • B2B – Business to business
  • C2C – Consumer to consumer
  • C2B – Consumer to business

Among these four, B2C is among the most commonly opted E-commerce model. In fact, this model is among the most successful ones in India. In B2C, you sell your products directly to individuals through online ordering. If you wish to sell your offerings to another business, go for the B2B model. 

Get started: Take your time to identify the type of business that you want to venture into. Depending on it, you have to register your Ecommerce business legally. Follow a step-by-step process and start running your business online. 

Start with the brand

Firstly, think of a brand name. Your brand’s name will be the defining key and the first thing that your consumers will notice. It is better to choose a simple name that people can google easily. Crisp and short names are always the best in such cases. Also, design a logo to have a clean brand image in your mind. 

Business registration and legalities

Registering your business model is the next step. Apply for the legal registrations and GST qualification to earn your license to trade online. There are multiple legal procedures attached to the process. Without getting each of the certificates, you cannot run your business online. Get your legalized bank account with EIN or employee identification number. This number will later get linked to your tax files. Without all these permits and licenses, you cannot grow your business in the future.

Sourcing the goods

If you already have the product you will sell in mind, establish a chain of supplying vendors. For example, you are investing in creating an E-commerce platform for groceries. So, you have to ensure the source from where you will be getting all the goods to sell. A running resource is what you need to manage your order inventory. Create a setup first by expanding your contact to earn stability in business. 

Customize your own business

Many sellers indirectly venture into E-commerce without making a platform of their own. They connect to the honchos of the online business owners and sell their goods through their portal. That needs a different process. Here, you will establish your independent platform from where you will directly sell your offerings and products. It is your virtual shopfront where your consumers will click to place orders. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto are the leading platform names that establish your e-shop. 

The right technology partners

It is best to go for a software expert team who will help you with the technical requirements. Starting from website creation to a mobile app, they should offer you a compact service. You do not need to explore multiple options. Instead, they will guide you with the right steps on the technical side. With their help, you create a customized E-commerce website that can handle the requirements. 

A well-performing website and app

Put your focus on the website creation and app creation without leaving any stone unturned. Think logically; these two are the only means of customer communication for you. A customer will evaluate your credibility based on your website and app. You have to ensure certain aspects, including the following:

  • A simple and easy-to-understand interface with seamless UX.
  • Fast loading, mobile-friendly pages, and apps.
  • Authorized and safe payment gateway with multiple options.
  • Accurate product descriptions and crisp content without any fluffs.
  • Attractive web designs with appropriate font selection.
  • Brand prominence and logo display. 

No-delay in marketing

Give importance to making your brand reach the target consumer base from the beginning. Overlooking the marketing needs from the beginning eventually creates a gap in making your E-commerce flourish better. Thus, get the help of an expert team in making the right moves so that people can rely on your brand and offerings. 

Research, learn, and incorporate

Having an adaptive mindset always helps when you are in a digital venture. Like the dynamicity of the virtual space, you also have to be dynamic with your approach. See how your peers are growing and putting their best foot forwards. After you have a ready setup, evaluate the market norms and take guidance from an expert to take your business drive in the desired way. 

Take the right steps

Build your own E-commerce business with the right approach to dealing with the digital space. Always connect to an expert if you do not have a clue about the process. It helps you save your resource without any extra wastage. Do not be afraid to step into the new world of business possibilities!


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