My personal journey as a digital marketer.

Digital Marketer Sourabh DR

I am an entrepreneur, full- time marketer, traveller and a digital marketing coach who uses my passion for marketing and automation to help businesses accelerate their growth. Let’s spin the wheel back to 2019, the time when I was a normal kid who wanted more out of my life. I neither had dreams nor had zero knowledge about marketing, business, or entrepreneurship. I had to, as they say, “figure out” something which I can do for the rest of my life. It was an era when Digital Marketing was on the rise in the country. I would hear this word every day in my life, and me being a curious soul, couldn’t control myself. 

I was in my college at that time and there was an online workshop organized by “The Climber” also known as ‘My Capitan’ and they are incubated with IIMB and NSRCEL on Digital Marketing. My mind said, “Today, You have to de-code what Digital Marketing is KID” and I attended the workshop.

 After attending the workshop, I was completely convinced that this is the path I have to take. Help Businesses make more money by providing Digital Marketing Services and grow my career in this field! Below is a form of transformation my life took when I went for Digital Marketing training to one of the premier institutes in Mysuru, India.

Over four years, we have invested over 100 crores in advertising and established partnerships with prominent Fortune 500 clients such as Amazon, Asian Paints, FasTrack, and Horlicks. We are proud to have collaborated with 80 clients as we celebrate our launch after four years.

Through our elite agency scaling system, we empower agencies, freelancers, and course creators to achieve earnings of $20,000 within 24 weeks. I experienced a transformative shift after participating in the MMI event and had a life-altering experience at the TTT event. To date, my investments in coaching have exceeded $100,000 as part of my continuous self-improvement journey.

What it Means to start a Digital Marketer Career?

In 2019 I worked in a company called Sarcon Tech as a digital marketing intern in Bangalore. My first entrepreneurial journey started with FittFfox it was a startup that dealt with men’s fitness but this startup wasn’t a great success. A year later I co-founded Second Elements – A marketing media company which was a one stop creative solution for all advertising, online & offline marketing needs. After 1.3 years we were serving  30+ clients both nationally & internationally. Later that year i exited from the company and joined another marketing company called Wethinkbold Media as a partner, this company was a great success as we were able to serve 80+ clients both nationally & internationally which also includes fortune 500 companies like Amazon. 

All this collective experience of mine let to the formation of Glee & Glint Media, a marketing company that deals in online marketing, brand designing, market research, app building & paid marketing. Along with it I also offer coaching programs in digital marketing. Glee & Glint Media is the Second business venture in the house of RVS Ventures, Founded by Sourabh DR on 4th May 2022. Glee & Glint Media believes in this statement and sincerely follows it daily. With an outstanding team of professionals and their productive thoughts, we provide a unique platform for your brands to create remarkable recognition among the masses.

We believe our organization is represented by the clients who hire us. We do not believe in getting lost in the crowd. Whether you’re a startup searching for that extra kick or an existing company seeking a fresh outlook, Glee & Glint Media has covered you!. “Currently we are offering a program called ELITE AGENCY SCALING SYSTEMS – 10X growth with our 24 weeks live hands on training and coaching with constant support and proven step by step framework”  – where we teach businesses the tips & tricks to scale their enterprises to get desired results. For more information click the link below.

Hope you enjoyed my journey so far , my mantra in life is to help people grow their businesses and still have fun in the process !!!

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